Mafia Hitman Thomas Pitera

Mafia hitman Thomas Pitera is a real-life story that is not a crime novel. The masked killer is a member of the Bonanno crime family. The hitman has been accused of 60 murders and is a member of the Mafia. He was a captain of his own crew and was suspected of many more. The mafia family wanted him dead. He was arrested for these crimes and is being sought by the federal government.

Thomas Pitera

Pitera gained a reputation as a vicious killer who liked murdering people. He was suspected of over 30 killings, including mob-related crimes, but most of these murders were his own initiative. He even wore disguises to conceal his identity while walking to meetings. During his trial, Pitera had his own lawyer and a defense team. He was executed and convicted in 2004. However, his case was not over until the end.

Thomas Pitera’s criminal history is complicated. While he was a part of the Bonanno crime family, he was also accused of murdering five associates. His gang members were killed over money disputes and suspected of becoming informers. In addition to murdering associates, he also murdered a neighborhood woman named Phyllis Burdi. She had given drugs to Celeste Pitera, who died from an overdose. Although convicted of two crimes, Pitera was acquitted of killing another man, Wilfred Johnson. He was a member of the Gotti mob, but was not an associate of the Bonanno crime family.

Several people were killed, including Pitera. His victim, Tala Siksik, was the most popular victim. A DEA agent testified that he and his accomplices intended to drive to Staten Island to bury the bodies. But they were too frightened to drive a stick shift vehicle, and the bodies were dumped in a Brooklyn parking garage. Luckily, the police were able to recover the bodies in the trunk of his car.

After killing a dozen innocent victims, Pitera was then arrested for drunken driving. The investigation revealed that he had shot the victim in the head. He then dismembered the bodies and buried them on Staten Island. He then cleaned up the bloody bathtub, before leaving the city. The trial revealed that his actions were motivated by the guilt of his victim. As a result, he was sentenced to life in prison for several years.

The federal government has prosecuted Pitera on charges of seven murders and drug trafficking. He also was accused of supervising a massive drug-dealing operation in Brooklyn. The trial revealed that he was an associate of John Gotti’s. It is believed that the masked killer killed more than sixty people and was a DEA informant. A new book by author Philip Carlo describes the crime. The masked killer has also been convicted of killing a woman named Wilfred “Willie Boy” Johnson.

Tommy Pitera was convicted of killing six people in Brooklyn and supervising a massive drug-dealing ring. He was also a convicted hitman of the 1988 Willie Boy Johnson murder. The masked killer was known for using martial arts to fight. In fact, he was nicknamed “Tommy Karate” because he dismembered his victims with his bare hands. It’s unclear whether he was guilty of murdering a woman, or avenging a robbery.

His first murder was in New York in 1991. It is unclear what was the motive for the killings. It is unknown if Pitera was convicted of the killings or if he was framed. Nevertheless, he was executed for one of the murders. His conviction was overturned in a 1993 court hearing. The Brooklyn federal jury acquitted him of the crime. A trial with the same defendant can take years. It is important to note that a judge must agree to the sentence before the execution.

Pitera was a well-trained martial artist. His first murder was committed at the age of seven. He is believed to have killed six others before he reached his 40th birthday. His victims were often the victims of a series of brutal murders that he had committed. By the age of forty, he had committed over 60 murders. His nicknames were “Tommy Karate” and “Tommy Karate,” but they were not just pranks.

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