The Happy Face Killer: Profile of a Serial Killer

28 September 2023 0

Delve into the chilling world of the notorious serial killer, Keith Jesperson. Explore his twisted acts, forensic analysis, crime scenes, and victimology in this gripping true crime story. Discover the investigation, evidence, and profiling techniques that led to his capture, questioning the darkness that lurks within some individuals.

The Chilling Crimes of Carl Panzram

28 September 2023 0

Discover the chilling crimes of Carl Panzram, a notorious serial killer. This article delves into his profile, forensic analysis, and victimology to uncover the depths of his depravity. From the investigation to his capture and sentencing, explore the dark mind of a serial killer.

Criminology vs Criminal Justice

18 September 2023 0

Learn the key differences between criminology and criminal justice. Understand the study of crime, its causes, prevention, and societal impact in criminology. Explore the practical aspects of law enforcement, investigation, and prosecution in criminal justice. Gain insight into the complex world of crime and justice.